Clean Packs

Pack products in Our Clean Packs. We are promoting good environment and health


We introduced Clean Packs to save Humanity and the Environment …

In Africa, most food staffs and drinks bought from street shops and super markets are packed in polythene bags. Polythene bags harm humanity and the environment in many ways! SEE below;

Soil Infertility

Polythene get into the soil and blocks water entrance, leading to soil infertility.


Polythene bags block streams, sewage pipes and wetland flows.

Kills Animals

Polythene mix with pasture, animals eat them and get choked.

Hazardous Chemicals

Some polythene bags contain chemicals that are hazardous to humanity.

Here is how Plastic bags affect the environment

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Frequently Asked Questions

Its a project we innovated to encourage people start using strong,  clean, strong and affordable paper bags.

Polythene bags have impacted the environment and the climate negatively.

Yes, they are affordable. 

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