Domain names
Domain Names

Your domain is your online address!
Choose from a wide variety of domains
.org .com .co .edu .tv .uk .ug .net .ac
From 50,000/= Per Year

Having a Website Starts with a Domain. Search it!

Is your domain available?

Always choose a domain that is short, easy to remember and easy to pronounce!

List of domains and pricing …

.com UGX 50,000

.net UGX 50,000

.org UGX 50,000

.co UGX 60,000

.academy UGX 150,000

.cafe UGX 150,000

.ug UGX 100,000 UGX 100,000 UGX 100,000 UGX 100,000 UGX 100,000 UGX 100,000

.associates UGX 150,000

.school UGX 200,000

.tv UGX 200,000

.radio UGX 100,000

.clinic UGX 300,000

.business UGX 100,000

Marketing & Brand Management

Do not hire a Brand Manager, Social Media Officer or Communications Expert anymore! With Our Marketing and Brand Management Services, We help you grow your Business or Organization  through Online, Digital, Broadcast and Print Media. Its Professional, Cost Effective and Efficient.

Website Design

Market what you are dong online. This Century operates in a global village where everyone wants 80% of your products and services  delivered to them through online. A Website fully shows that you are credible. Let’s build one for you! Our Team is on the wait to work with you.



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