Digital Marketing to help power your business

From UGX 100K per month

Digital Marketing Services to Power Your Business

What you do!

You hire Us, brief Us about your Company, feed us with information and pay us an affordable monthly fee.

What We Do!

We create all digital, branding, printing or graphic design tools that you need and market your Company online

How We Work!

We keep Our Communication close to you through phone call, WhatsApp, email and scheduled meetings.

Choose from Our Digital Marketing Plans

Start Up

UGX 50,000
Per Month
  • Social Media Management
  • 12 posts
  • Website updating
  • Analytics
  • Graphic Design
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UGX 100,000
Per Month
  • Social Media Management‚Äč
  • 12 Posts
  • Website Updating
  • Analytics
  • Graphic Design
  • SEO
  • 1 Articles
  • 1 Email Marketing
  • 1 Marketing Video
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You can hire us as your Brand Manager, Communications Officer, Graphic Designer, Website Designer, ICT Consultant, Online Marketing Manager, Digital Manager or other.

Benefits You Get

Brand visibility; thousands of clients will know you exist. Brand preference; clients will prefer you than your competitors. Easy execution of branding, graphic design and online marketing or communication assignments; Having Activemakes on board is like having a Communications Officer or a Graphic Designer within your office.



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